Beckham Fuel For National Football Team

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In this wonderful group stage,England VS Algeria,has so many suspense.The clorful history of England origin the famous star Beckham.In the competition field,Beckham still for their national team fuel and command.The first half has ended in a draw,our football fans look forward to highlights of England's second half performance.I hope we can see the miracle.

Full Moon Scimitar ride away old British record, how much emotion between David Beckham, who remember how many red cards injuries recorded Beckham hero tears, now twice a draw, England again became critical, but the court did not tears not even touched and cry, so we know England is not England, this was England captain England should regain the prestige directions, continue to honor eight to break the spell and fight the last round of group stage fighting.

Borrowed time in the tunnel, let us look back the past through time and space, that is Beckhams, that people can not leave England.

Recall Beckham after the World Cup suffered a red card, even if there are so many fans questioned his move made a lot of alternative, but there are countless fans to support Beckham, because they know a man writing a player is not a good program, he will wrong, but after he missed more tenacity, England need a mature leader, needs a mature Beckham. The so-called Great Revival that broke out after waiting and patience, Beckham again after several years in the World Cup, on whom thousands of fans shouting, humbled and privileged female fans because he is more attractive a few years later. That year, he proved a more brilliant light bloom, and from his eyes and demeanor, you can see a rebirth, he is more courageous to face all challenges, the World Cup in the foot, Beckham and England to the.

At the time he came to the world, exude the charm of a mature player, and so driving the fans crazy for him, so in the World Cup competition, we see a lot more things, including a team generation of stars rise and glory moment, there is the star of the ending of the war, Baggio the back, Beckhams tears, and after the vocalization goals are all the most realistic portrayal of these film and memory will grow with more fans.

Think red face encounter foul traps and Beckham, also will be able to recall in 2006 on World Cup Materazzi provoked Zidane, although the latter to end retaliatory action also received red cards, but compared with Materazzi insidious, and no one know who is more heinous, because it can not be hidden, and insidious means by which to obtain the courts interests and will never be a compelling title, so even if the once red card at the airport appear in court are so Beckham can not forget the shame of that red memory, but in 2002 he was proclaimed the return of the king with the facts, the success of his revenge better more sharp.

Perhaps people can not forget the 2002 World Cup, Beckham stood 12 yards penalty points, and looked very dignified, perhaps in a moment all the past four years are printed into the bottom of my heart, that many of the red card that fans can not forgive The whistle, haunted and troubled for four years, finally made a shameful record of its time. Suffered loss as a hero when it seems all people have left, perhaps only a small part of the person standing behind you, accompany you through the years that there lies.

Sentimental memories may always leave a genuine star, as David Beckham again in peoples eyes, he arrogance from a man transformed into a slightly vicissitudes of a mature man, although the smile was gone like the sun , but at this time he has assumed the heavy responsibility of England. Revenge of the moment had arrived, four years of tough training, four years of hardships, won the penalty, while success of the England captain David Beckham's desire to revenge, I just saw him standing relaxed and imposing a penalty point, calm and strong in shot while on a touch, that moment he lit all the passion, the darlings of the outstanding back, eye-people cry, he rushed to the sidelines with strong cry, a crash four years of grievances, England captain to become a real hero, is the pride of England.

Penalty, red card, England, numerous records from 22 years passed away, England finally won the rival Argentina 1-0, thanks perhaps before the injuries at the moment, because it almost hindered the pace of Beckham revenge, even if the game has numerous second break chance, but are the least bit bad. Beckham free kick, but every time the heart of the straw opponents are shocked, Beckham's stunt is that all competitors be terrified, and goal achievement of the man's revenge time, everything was won over, in 2002 World Cup in England on the way draw a perfect start, no matter what ups and downs in the next, regardless of the journey ahead Beckham what hardship, believe he can go on. Even if England win 3-0 Denmark, but in 1 / 4 final defeat by Brazil, but in any case England will look forward to the rematch four years after the peak, but Beckham is always in the eyes of female fans is Prince.

Now Beckham is still in the sidelines, still in mind the flag of England, while England's players on the golf course should rise must rise!England football hero David Beckham!! I love you !!!